At BOLEX safety and quality control is one of our priorities, therefore we have implemented and taken some measures to ensure that our clients, staff and partners adhere to them. Find below our policy statement and quality control:


We believe that Environmental Protection Standard (ESP) is an integral part of efficient and profitable business management. It is therefore our core plan to continuously improve our ESP performance and strive to be an industrial leader in the health, safety and environment protection practices by:

  • Creating a conducive working environment where accident will be reduced to the barest minimum and in which employees and the public are not exposed to health hazards
  • Improve the environment performance of our facilities by reducing toxic and harmful emission. New facilities used will incorporate the most efficient pollution control techniques
  • Communicate openly with those living within the vicinity of our facilities to ensure their understanding of our operations and our understanding of their concern
  • Meet or even exceed all regulatory and clients standard for health, safety and environment
  • Protect our clients’ and BOLEX’S physical assets.

The policy applies to all BOLEX’S staff, and all activities over which BOLEX has control.


BOLEX’S activities will always be planned and executed in such a way as to:

  1. Ensure that client’s obligation/standard are met and maintained
  2. Ensure that all employees shall exercise all due and necessary care, skill and diligence in respect of all materials, equipment and personnel assigned for works, to prevent loss or damages.
  3. Ensure the safety of employees and members of the public (communities) that may be involved in its operation
  4. We are committed to synthesize aesthetics with functionality without necessarily compromising with the environmental equipment.


  • Fire Precautions:

 BOLEX has substantial investment in its equipments and so forth. It is therefore pertinent to protect this investment against losses due to fire. It is also of paramount importance to ensure that no person is at risk due falls, fire, explosion or any other visible hazards in the workplace.

Suitable firefighting equipments are provided as adequate protection against these hazards and these equipments.

First Aid

  • Approved medical kits be provided in offices and site
  • Seriously injured personnel will receive treatment A.S.A.P
  • The company will retain the services of Government approved medical



 BOLEX recognizes that safety training is an integral and important part of its policy. Such training will be given on a continuous basis. No person will be employed on site unless they have received adequate training in order to understand the hazard and risk involved and precautions to be taken.

BOLEX also recognizes that essential to the success of its safety policy, all sectors of management should receive the training necessary to control effectively the areas under their jurisdiction.

The Project Manager in conjunction with the Company’s safety officer will oversee and ensure the adoption and maintenance of adequate standards of safety, health and environment conditions in all operations of BOLEX and its partners.


In implementing the safety policy, BOLEX complies with the requirement of relevant legislation and also actively promotes measures for the protection of the environment.

In this policy, BOLEX Understands by the on-going involvement and commitment of management and other employees to conduct all of its activities in such a way to avoid harm to the health of or injury to, employees and others and damage to property.

Works on the principle that all injuries can be prevented, and promote actively amongst all those associated with its activities, the high standards of safety consciousness and discipline that this principle demands.

We shall use our best endeavors to provide, together with practical advice on their application, which will not cause injury to health or undue impact on the environment when they are used in accordance with its advice.

Apply the best practicable means to preserve air, water, soil, plant and animal life from adverse effects of its operations and to minimize any nuisance that may arise.

Ensure that subcontractors working on its behalf apply environment standard fully compatible with its own.

Keep its employees, subcontractor and the relevant authorities appropriately informed of known potential hazards that might affect them; and make aware of what is being done to minimize the risks and to improve the quality and safety of the working environment.

Include an assessment of environmental matter as a consideration before entering into new ventures or activities

Work with third parties to promote workable and improve codes of practices, which relate to the above matters.

Conduct or support research to seek advice towards the conservation of the environment.